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Dodge County Dairy Testing Association

The Dodge County Dairy Testing Association is non-profit milk testing lab located in Juneau, Wisconsin. We have the ability to test milk in our lab for butterfat, protein, somatic cell (SCC), Johne's, MUN, and Ketosis, record the production of each of animals tested and have the results processed for the dairymen. Our goal is to provide its members with a quality product at competitive prices while maintaining an economically competitive business.

From large commercial dairies to traditional stanchion barns and even dairy goats, we have the tools to meet the needs of today's dairymen. We serve Dodge and surrounding counties.

 If you have any questions about the Dodge County Dairy Testing Association, please feel free to call us anytime at our lab/office at (920)386-2637or go to the Contact Us page of this website.

Wisconsin Dairy Statistics

  • There are 10,290 licensed dairy herds in Wisconsin
  • There are 1,271,000 dairy cows in Wisconsin
  • The average number of cows on a farm is 124
  • 2.7 billion pounds of milk is produced
  • The average of 21,869 pounds or 2,543 gallons of milk are produced annually per cow
Source: Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics Service 2015


The Dodge County Dairy Testing Association is a non-profit cooperative and is governed by a Board of Directors.

The association was incorporated on August 1st, 1941. It was originally located out of the Dodge County Courthouse. Prior to the central testing lab in 1941, there were 8 cow testing associations in Dodge County. All together they had about 200 members with less than 4000 cows. When the new association was established, about 400 members signed up and seven out of eight associations joined the new association. On October 24th, 1966 the lab was moved to its present location on Fairfield Ave.

Currently, the association has over 260 members and test on average 45,000 milk samples every month.  We also have a great working relationship with Columbia County and South Central DHIA Associations and test their milk samples also. In 2009, the association put in a line of FOSS equipment and a dishwasher to keep the lab current and replace the aging equipment that was still being used. In 2013, the association add the Milk ELISA testing for Johne's. Then in 2015, we upgraded our equipment again and now had added MUN and BHB Acetone Ketosis testing.

244 S. Fairfield Ave
Juneau, WI 50339
(920) 386-4437 Fax (920) 386-4437
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