Dodge County DHIA
Test The Best... Cull the Rest...
Dodge County Dairy Testing Lab

Our milk analysis lab provides today's dairymen with fast and accurate results. Were are a certified DHIA lab under Quality Certification, Inc. We can analyze your milk samples for butterfat, protein,
SCC (somatic cell count), MUN, and Ketosis.

We have a remodeled lab to accommodate a line of Foss Equipment and a dish washing system too. This was done to replace old and aging equipment and to also help keep up with our producers needs. 

In Spring of 2013, we completed another remodeling project and now Milk ELISA test for Johne's.


Our Lab is located in Juneau, WI. We can provide you with all of your dairy testing needs.
If you have any questions about our lab, please Contact Us.
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